Tree Services

Experience the difference that our team can bring to your next outdoor project! Jack’s Tree Service and Landscaping is here to serve you!

Our team has all the specialized tools and knowledge to ensure your project is done right! We offer professional service and are fully insured. We are conveniently located in Allison Park and serve the surrounding areas.

Storm Damage

Sometimes nature hits your trees hard, posing danger and damage your home. We are equipped to handle the safe removal of tree. We’re available 24/7 for emergency tree removal in the event of storm damage.

Tree/Shrub Health and Pruning

Our expert tree specialists help extend the life of your trees by thinning, elevating & removing dead wood from your trees every 3 to 5 years. Proper maintenance reduces the chances of limb breakage and storm damage. We cannot guarantee that storm winds will not affect your trees. However, maintenance does help prevent the tree from being knocked down.

In addition, trimming your tree also allows the sunlight to shine through the branches so the sun can help grow your grass and keeps the roots under control to protect the foundation of your home.

Stump Removal

When removing a large tree, it can take years for the stump to decompose. Our stump removal service can grind the stump out so that it can be more quickly re-landscaped back into your design.

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